Bethesda chimney repair

Chimney Services in Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia

At Capital Chimney Service, we offer a variety of chimney services and solutions to improve your chimney efficiency and performance. Our chimney services can help you prevent chimney leaks and water penetration into your home, chimney damage and energy waste. As a member of the esteemed National Chimney Sweep Guild, we are a family owned chimney company and we take pride in our work. We offer the following chimney services and improvements in Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia:

Chimney Flashing and Re-flashing

Chimney leaks frequently occur where the chimney meets the roof shingles. The metal that joins the roof to the chimney is called the flashing. The parts that are on the roof are called the step flashing, back pan and the apron flashing. The metal that goes into or on the chimney is called the counter flashing. If you have water staining on your ceiling near your chimney or even running down the walls, it’s possible that your chimney needs re-flashing. Contact Capitol Chimney Service if you need flashing or re-flashing chimney services in Maryland, Washington, DC or Virginia.

Chimney Waterproofing

At Capitol Chimney Service, our waterproofing chimney services protect your chimney from water damage and staining. Your chimney is constantly exposed to outdoor elements, so using a water repellent is vital to prevent more expensive masonry reconstruction and repairs and to keep water out of your house.

Chimney Cap Installation

Chimney Caps, also called rain covers, are probably the most inexpensive preventative chimney solution that you can employ to prevent water penetrations and damage to your chimney. If you’re looking to buy or install a chimney cap in Maryland, Washington, DC or Virginia, contact Capitol Chimney Service today.


Chimney Animal Removal

Our wide variety of chimney services includes chimney animal removal. We are trained to deal with humane animal removal such as raccoons, birds and squirrels. So if want to know how to get a bird out of a chimney, the answer is “Call Capitol Chimney Service.”


Chimney Chase Top

Chase Tops prevent rain, branches, leaves, snow, raccoons, chipmunks, bats and birds from entering your chimney. Without a cap, you have a hole in your roof. Besides being unsightly, the rust stains on the chimney chase tell us that water is likely penetrating the top of your chimney.

High-Efficiency Chimney Dampers

Chimney dampers create a tight seal at the top of your chimney and keep energy in the home. They are designed to stop cold air from coming down the flue, and expensive conditioned air from going up.


Chimney Repairs

In addition to our cleaning and inspection chimney services, Capital Chimney Service also can handle your bigger chimney repairs. Our chimney repair services include:

  • Spot cutting for minor brick damage
  • Rebuilding for chimney’s with severe damage
  • Masonry to fix cracks and wall deterioration
  • Relining to repair or remove and replace flue liners

Chimney, Fireplace and Venting System Inspections

Our chimney services include inspections for your chimney, fireplace and related venting system. Chimneys and venting systems should be professionally inspected after changes to a chimney or vent system, a chimney fire or purchasing a home with a chimney. We offer three levels of chimney inspections:

  • Level I Chimney Inspections: A Level I inspection is the recommended level when an evaluation of the chimney system for continued service is needed and the conditions of use are not changing.
  • Level II Chimney Inspections: More detailed and thorough than a Level I inspection, a Level II Inspection is the recommended inspection when conditions of use for the appliance or venting system change, or when a Level I inspection reveals the need for a more detailed inspection.
  • Level III Chimney Inspections: The most detailed of all of the inspection types, a Level III inspection includes inspection of concealed areas of the building. However, examination of concealed areas will be limited to areas reasonably suspected of containing hazards that cannot be evaluated otherwise.

If you need chimney services, accessories or improvements in the Maryland, Washington, DC or Virginia area, contact Capitol Chimney Solutions. Our goal is to make your chimney cleaner, safer and more energy-efficient.