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Air Duct Cleaning in McLean, VA

Think we only provide chimney service? Wrong! If you need dryer vent or air duct cleaning services in McLean, VA, Capitol Chimney Service can help. Maintaining clean heating and air conditioning ducts helps to reduce allergens in your air supply, allowing you and your family to breathe cleaner and safer air. Contact us today if you need air duct cleaning in McLean, VA, or keep reading below to learn about the benefits of air duct cleaning.

The Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning in Virginia

Air duct cleaning reduces allergies. Allergy and disease-causing dust, pollen, fungus , and bacteria reside in your air conditioning and heating ducts. Each time the fan goes on, it forces them into your living environment for you to breathe. The American Lung Association recognizes this as a major cause of allergies and disease. Doctors and allergists alike commonly prescribe air duct cleaning as a solution.

Clean air ducts save you money. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that removing as little as .4 in. of dust from heating or cooling system coils will reduce energy consumption up to 21 percent. This can save you considerable money on your utility bill.

Air duct cleaning extends your cooling or heating system life. Experts estimate that nearly nine out of 10 central heating and air conditioning systems fail or break down due to improper maintenance.

Clean air ducts improve indoor air quality. Many consider air duct cleaning vital to maintain healthy indoor air. Dust, allergens (pollen, pet dander), and toxins (mold, mildew, rodent droppings) are commonly found in air ducts. If air ducts are not cleaned regularly, these particles can be released into your home—potentially irritating allergies and causing severe respiratory problems.

Air duct cleaning reduces odor in your home. Dust, mold, and bacteria in an air duct system will create a musty smell in a home that no amount of air fresheners or candles can eliminate. Regular air duct cleaning can eliminate this problem.

Dryer Vent Cleaning in McLean, Virginia 

In addition to air duct cleaning in McLean, VA, Capitol Chimney also provides dryer vent cleaning. Dryer vent cleaning is important for both safety and economic reasons. Your dryer vent exhaust duct should be professionally cleaned once or twice a year. Not only does dryer vent cleaning help ensure the safety of your family and your home, but economically, dryer vent cleaning can result in improved dryer efficiency and reduced cost and energy spent operating the dryer. In addition, it can also extend the life of your dryer!

Dryer vent cleaning can often be performed by the homeowner, but the location of the duct work, length of the dryer hose and other factors often mean a professional dryer vent cleaner is needed. If you need professional dryer vent cleaning services in McLean area, call Capitol Chimney Service today.

What Does Air Duct Cleaning in 22101 Cost?

At Capitol Chimney Service, we offer air duct cleaning in McLean, VA for $395 for the first 14 registers, and $15 for each additional register. Make sure to check our prices page for air duct cleaning coupons and specials. We’ll make sure your heating and air conditioning ducts operate efficiently and safely to protect the air you and your family breathes. Contact us today to schedule air duct cleaning in 22101 today.